Open doors are more welcoming then when they are kept closed. Keeping the entrance door open always attracts & invites more customers but how do you make that happen when you also need to ensure controlled temperature? The answer is Air Curtains by Cosyst Devices!

Air curtain is a great innovation for places with high traffic such as shops, commercial buildings, hospitals, café’, restaurants, offices, warehouses, retail stores and other places where doors are constantly on the move, making it difficult to keep the place safe, hygienic, temperature controlled and block unwanted dusts, insects, fumes, etc from entering the place.

Installing an air curtain for your entrance door is the best solution & has multiple benefits:-

  • Keeps unwanted hot or cold air away and controls temperature
  • Saves electricity on air conditioning running cost
  • Keeps your place clean & hygienic by blocking insects & dirt
  • Place looks more inviting & welcoming
  • Increases visibility of your business & products

Cosyst Devices has a wide range of Air Curtains & Air Doors which will fulfil all your needs. We serve café’, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, warehouses, commercial buildings, shops and more.

Why Cosyst Devices?

  • We are a trusted name in the market for the past 30 years
  • We have served big brands like Jaguar, Dell, HCL, etc and also smaller businesses like café’ & restaurants
  • Serve multiple locations across India
  • Express delivery options
  • End to end support & guidance
  • Value for money
  • Competitive pricing

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