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  • Sliding doors are space-saving, elegant and modern. Glass sliding doors are ideal when it comes to making good use of daylight and fulfilling optical criteria. The automatic sliding doors from GEZE can be used to implement the widest range of application requirements within a building.
  • The Sliding Door System ECdrive is economical and extremely reliable in its functionality.
  • The Sliding Door System Powerdrive is a real power package and is capable of moving heavy doors conveniently and safely.
  • For the reliable locking and unlocking of automatic sliding door systems, GEZE offers different locking solutions depending on the security requirements and operating convenience.
Automatic Sliding Door SystemsSlimdriveECdrivePowerdrive
Dimensions [mm]
(height x depth)
70 x 189120x175
150 x 185 /
200 x 185
Opening width [mm]
1 leaf / 2 leaf
700 – 3000 /
900 – 3000
700 – 3000 /
900 – 3000
700 – 3000 /
800 – 3000
Max. leaf weight [kg]
1 leaf / 2 leaf
1x 120 /
2x 120
1x 120 /
2x 120
1x 200* /
2x180* or 200**
Max. speed [m/s]
Opening / Closing
0,7 / 0,50,7 / 0,50,7 / 0,5
Smoke proof
Folding door
yesno optional


  • Automatic Sliding Doors - What are they?

    An automatic sliding door is one that opens and closes on its own. With an automatic sliding door, you do not need to push or pull the door; you simply walk toward it and it will open and close once it has no sense of motion or pressure.

  • How do automatic sliding doors work?

    They are typically made up of two panels that slide up and down on tracks.

  • What are the applications for automatic sliding doors?

    There are many places where auto sliding doors can be found, and they are a common feature of modern buildings. Many department stores, shopping centers, airports, hospitals, laboratories, office buildings, hotels and other establishments have automatic sliding doors.

  • Automatic sliding doors: what are their advantages?

    The use of automatic doors significantly reduces the cost of heating and cooling. When activated, the doors open only when they're needed and automatically close so that they're never left open. They are also good for people who need help with mobility because they do not require any effort on their part. In addition, automatic sliding doors keep dust and dirt from entering.

  • Hermetic sliding doors - what are they?

    The term 'Hermetic Door' refers to doors that meet the highest standards of hygiene control. Operating rooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical facilities and similar places can highly benefit by installing Hermetic doors.

  • Telescopic sliding doors - what are they?

    Telescopic sliding door systems are space savers since the leaves can be positioned to one side of the opening. You can get the biggest opening in the smallest wall space by using telescopic sliding doors, so they are an excellent choice for small spaces. In addition to being affordable and reliable, it provides a stylish look for any business.

  • Do automatic sliding doors need to be installed externally or internally?

    The sliding door systems we offer are highly versatile and can be installed inside the building as well as used as building access systems.

  • How much space is required for door leaves?

    This requirement can vary based on the type of sliding door you select. You may choose a linear sliding system or a telescopic sliding system based on the amount of space available. For places with enough space, a linear sliding system would be suitable, while for less space, a telescopic sliding system would be suitable.

  • What is the opening width of automatic sliding doors?

    Depending on the drive you select and also on the leaves, the opening width of the sliding door is usually between 700 and 3000 mm.

  • How heavy can the leaf of an automatic glass sliding door be?

    It can vary based on the drive you select. Our GEZE Slimdrive & EC drive can hold 120 kg weight for single leave and 2 x 120 kgs for double. GEZE Powerdrive can hold 200 kg weight for a single leaf and 2 x 200 kgs for double leaf.

  • What is GEZE Slimdrive?

    Automated sliding doors are equipped with door drives built into the frame to ensure smooth operation. GEZE slimdrive offers an incredibly attractive price-performance ratio. Slim and intricate, Slimdrive series are easy to install and will adapt to any building architecture.

  • What is GEZE ECdrive?

    With the ECdrive, you can create a system that is powerful, economical, and extremely reliable while still offering great design freedom.

  • What is GEZE Powerdrive?

    Powerful and stable, GEZE Powerdrive can move any door comfortably and safely, even the heaviest ones.

  • Can automatic sliding doors be integrated into the building technology management systems?

    Yes, GEZE automatic sliding door systems can be conveniently networked and integrated into the building technology management systems.

  • Can the automatic sliding doors be secured when the building is closed at night?

    Yes, different locking solutions are available depending on the security requirements and ease of operation of automatic sliding door systems.

  • What security features are important for an automatic sliding door?

    Depending on the type of building as well as where the door is installed, automatic sliding doors have different security requirements like having an escape and rescue door or making the sliding door smoke-tight and how access control should be handled.

  • Is it possible to operate automatic sliding doors in case of a power outage?

    Yes, if the power goes out, GEZE automatic sliding doors will be able to operate since it has integrated batteries for emergency opening and closing.

  • What is the cost of a standard automatic sliding door?

    Price varies widely for a standard sliding door based on a variety of factors including the opening size, drives, materials (frame, glass), safety sensors, and installation cost. Contact us for free quote.

  • Do you provide AMC for automatic sliding doors?

    Yes, Cosyst provides AMC for automatic sliding doors.

  • What locations do you cover?

    We cover the entire Bangalore & Mumbai area.

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